New Music : Kenny Wolf – SELLAME (සෙල්ලමේ) ft. Shady Spades & Thira Boy [Official Music Video]

Alpha Gang’s Kemmy Wolf is back with an all new single / music video titled ‘Sellame’ featuring Shady Spades and fresher, Thira Boy. Packed with made fire delivery and realities,

New Music : Shungara Vise (ශුංගාර විසේ) APEX FAMILY ft Sanju Ramesh SR Official Music Video

There’s an all new gang of rappers & singers, they call themselves The Apex Family and this is their debut single that features Sanju Ramesh. See how you dig ‘Shungara

New Music : මුලාවකින් | மோசடி | Deception – by Master D & OJ da Tamil Rapper

Released thru the Meraki United Youtube page comes this all new collaba that’s nothing short of E.P.I.C.! Bilinguar and full of WOAH moments is ‘Deception’ by Master D & Od

New Music : Mr.5K – Kukulala feat DK Dinesh Kumar & Prem Jr | Official Music Video | Club Music

Fun and a vibe on its own is this all new single titled ‘Kukulala’ by another name we dont hear / see in Lanka’s music scene – Mr. 5K. The

New Music : Awasan Liyumai (අවසන් ලියුමයි ) | Reggae Cover | Shelton Perera | Satish | Sinhala Cover Songs 2022

Adding a fun, reggae element to the classic by Shelton Perera’s ‘Awasan Liyumai’ is the duo who are Mangus. Click here to check out the video

New Music : Mandakini (මන්දාකිනි) | Hiruni Prabha X Miran Archana| Official Music Video

Released 2 weeks ago comes this all new single by a name we hopefully will be hearing more from in the future. Fresher Hiruni Prabha teams up with Miran Archana

New Music : Gaanu Nodanne | ගෑනු නොදන්නේ – Iraj

Released last evening, here’s Iraj’s all new music video for his hit single from early this year. ‘Gaanu Nodanne’ is, by the looks of it a lead up to the

Sri Lanka’s National PUBG Mobile Team Exclusive!

We caught up with the PUBG Mobile team that is representing Sri Lanka this year at the Global eSports Games in Bali this December. In our exclusive, they share on