New Music : Vinosh Perera – Ada Adurui I අද අදුරුයි Official Music Video

Released on the 13th of the month comes this all new single by Vinosh Perera. Laid back and packed with some serious feels is ‘Ada Adurui’, that is produced, sung

New Music : Nisha Peiris – I Shot The Sheriff | Acoustic Cover | Nisha Peiris | Acoustic Live Sessions In China

Nisha Peiris is a brilliant guitarist and now we get to hear him sing in this all new series titled ‘Acoustic Live Sessions In China’. Unplugged and laid back, he

New Music : Chamara Nirmal – Wahi Raaka

Released a few days ago comes this all new laid back, single packed with the feels by a name from the scene we don’t hear often from. Chamara Nirmal is

New Music : JJ Twins – Find Me In The River (Music Video)

Here’s a laid back and just an overall nice take of ‘Find Me In The River’ by The JJ Twins. It’s originally sung by Delirious.

New Music : Sakkarawattama (සක්කරවට්ටම) – Nadeera Nonis X Apzi (Official Music Video)

A 10th of June release, this all new single by Nadeera Nonis & rapper Apzi sure has been making the rounds on the lankan internet and is one of the

New Music : ජනතා රජයක් | Janatha Rajayak

You wont find anything as moving, powerful and just to the heart today like this single / music video! ‘Janatha Rajayak’ is a collective production by StageLight & Magic Inc

New Music : The Final Countdown | Parody | Sandaru Sathsara

Currently trending at number 13 on YouTube’s trending list at the time of this post is this all new parody of ‘The Final Countdown’ by the versatile Sadaru Sathsara. In

New Music : SAZZYY – විරාමයක් දුටුවා | Viramayak Dutuwa| වේදනාවන් රැඳුනු මතකේ| Ft. Breezy Official Music Video

Released on the 10th of June comes this all new single by fresher Sazzyy. Titled ‘Viramayak Dutuwa’, the single features another fresher – rapper Breezy. A downtempo love song is

New Music : Kelwiz – Denuwan (දෙනුවන්) [Official Music Video]

Trending at number 11 on YouTube’s trending list is this all new single / music video by rapper Kelwiz. Produced by Wize Tv, the music video is fun and is

New Music : Passa පස්ස | Ravi Royster X Dimi3

We all know what kinda fun energy the Ravi Royster & Dimi3 bring individually! Together, it’s double the fun and double the madness, and that’s exactly what ‘Passa’ is! A