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New Music : Yohani – Manike Mage Hithe මැණිකේ මගේ හිතේ (LIVE) – Expo 2020 Dubai, Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre

The performances from Expo 2020 Dubai have been the most talked about during the last few days, and here’s that performance of ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ from Yohani’s set.

New Music : Yohani – So Sri Lanka (You’re My Paradise)

Released yesterday comes this all new single by Yohani. Titled ‘So Sri Lanka’ (You’re My Paradise), the track that is produced by Hibshi & written and directed by Dilanjan Senivirathne,

New Music : Gajaman Nona (ගජමන් නෝනා) Tehan Perera and Yohani – (Official Music Video)

‘Gajaman Nona’ a collaba between Hot Chocolate frontman Tehan Perera & Yohani, is all kindsa cute, fun and a refreshing change of pace from the usual releases. See how you

New Music : Gajaman Nona (ගජමන් නෝනා) Tehan Perera and Yohani – (Official Trailer)

Yohani & Tehan Perera have an all new collaba coming out on the 10th of Feb! Titled ‘Gajaman Nona’, it sure sounds like a future hit in the making.

News : Yohani – The Story So Far & Her All New Single!

Looks like there is a documentary about Yohani’s journey in music so far on the release line. While no release date is out just yet, we reckon this might drop

New Music : Yohani – Ithin Adare ඉතින් ආදරේ (Official Music Video)

Released during the weekend is the first single / music video from Yohani’s debut album ‘Kella’. It’s a 360 departure from the playful and romantic side which we saw her

New Music : Yohani New Song | Awidan Yanawa | ඇවිදන් යනවා | Yohani ft Funky Dirt | Studio Recording

At number 27 on Youtube’s trending list at the time of this posting is this all studio take of ‘Awidan Yanawa’ by Yohani featuring Funky Dirt. This was released on

New Music : Yohani x LUNU – ආයේ Aaye Live In Hyderabad

Recorded from her second show in Hyderabad India, here’s a live take of her original single ‘Aaye’. She was backed by the Lunu band during the tour, who is also

New Music : Manike Mage Hithe – Yohani De Silva (DJ Mass Remix)

It was only time till the biggest single from 2021 Sri Lanka got its own remix. It’s tropical, pop, and everything ready for the good times.

New Music : Manike Mage Hithe – English Cover | Arjun | Yohani | Satheeshan | මැණිකේ මගේ හිතේ

Artist Arjun, known for his hit original singles and his massive success from ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’, is back with this heartfelt, bi lingual cover of Yohani & Satheeshan’s masisve

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