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New Music : Mage Punchi Duwe (මගේ පුංචි දුවේ) – Rookantha & Windy | Father Daughter Song

‘Mage Punchi Duwe’ is a heartfelt timeless single from dad Rookantha, to his uber talented daughter Windy who recently tied the knot to Sanuka. The music video contains moments from

New Music : Windy – NUMBAI MAMAI (නුඹයි මමයි)

The official Sinhala version of #AyyoSaami is out and it sure is a treat! Windy nails the emotions on this take too making ‘Numbai Mamai’ pretty much an instant hit!

New Music : Windy Goonatillake – Numbai Mamai (නුඹයි මමයි) Coming Soon..💗 #NumbaiMamai

It’s official! The Tamil hit single by Windy Goonathilake ‘Ayyo Saami’ is getting it’s own Sinhala version. Titled ‘Numbai Mamai’, the single is gonna be out on the 9th December

New Music : Windy – Ayyo Saami (ஐயோ சாமி)

Currently trending at number 5 on Youtube’s trending list comes this all new single by Windy! It’s her first full length single in Tamil and what’s not to love about

New Music Incoming : Windy Goonathilake – Ayyo Saami

It’s official! Windy Goonathilake has an all new single releasing on the 6th of the month and by the looks of it, just might be her first stepping into Tamil