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New Music : Duava – I’d Be Gone (Official Music Video)

Released last weekend comes this all new single / music video by the prolific Duava! Packed with an interesting ethnic sound & bi-lingual lyrics this is a must check out

New Music : සුලඟ වගේ | Sulanga Wage | Reggae Cover | Roshan Fernando | Sinhala Cover Songs 2023

Mangus are back with this all new reggae infused take of Roshan Fernando’s hit single ‘Sulanga Wage”. Light and fun, they sure do bring in a breath of fresh air.

New Music : Handhaawe | හැන්දෑවේ – GAYYA (Official Music Video)

Released a few days ago comes this all new single by the prolific Gayya. ‘Handhaawe’ is a fun single, packed with energetic moments and is a vibe for all day,

New Music : ගී (Gee) – Buddhi Warnakula ft. Falan Andrea [Official Music Video]

Here’s another November release you can get behind! ‘Gee’ by Buddhi Warnakula featuring the winner of Derana Superstar, Falan Andrea is chill and just the good easy listening stuff for

New Music : ස්වප්නරා ” Swapnara” Sandun Athulathmudali (Official Audio)

Dreamy & romantic, ‘Swapnara’ by Sandun Athulathmudali is nothing short of a brilliant love song. Packed with soulful vocals and amazing lyrics by Christopher Wijeyakulasuriya, this single is playlist perfect!

New Music : BUILD DEM UP – Congo Shanty ft. Ras Ceylon

The laid back Congo Shanty released this all new single during the weekend and it features Sri Lanka’s very own Ras Ceylon. “Blind Dem Up’.

New Music : Thunderstruck – Malinda Ginige (AC/DC Cover)

Here’s a pretty neat and power packed take of AC/DC’s classic ‘Thunderstruck’ by guitarist, Malinda Ginige.