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eSports & Gaming Roundup With Manul (14th Nov)

Here’s your local & international esports & gaming roundup with host Manul.

New Music : Kelwiz – Man Maarai 2 (Official Music Video)

Released on the 12th of the month comes this all new single by rapper Kelwiz. Released thru Serandip, this is nothing short of the realness you’d expect from this rapper!

New Music : RECHY – Insomnia | ඉන්සොම්නියා (Official Audio)

Released on the 15th of the month comes this all new single by Rechy. I’s not everyday that you get to hear a bi-lingual drop by Rechy, but this is

New Music : Big Harsha – Nayaa (Official Music Video)

Sinhala rapper Big Harsha is back from a hiatus with his single ‘Nayaa’. The comeback ha a music video and the rapper sure does touch upon present realities and sides

New Music : Yohani – Moving On (Official Video)

Released thru Red Bull Records comes this all new single by the queen of Youtube – Yohani! The single is mixed by the world renown Brian Malouf, while the track

New Music : Yohan Willie – OBA WAGE | ඔබ වගේ [Official Rap/Rock Music Video]

Yohan Wille is an all new artist from the island’s music scene and here he is with his newest rap / alternative single ‘Oba Wage’.

New Music : Cv laksh – Lelena Tamil Cover

‘Lelena’ originally composed by Chamath Sangeeth gets a fresh take by rapper & singer Cv Laksh. See how you dig this.

New Music : Justin Bieber – Ghost (Ryan de Mel Cover)

Another 7th November release is this all new take of ‘Ghost’ by Ryan De Mel. Packed with the feels, this cover is straight from the heart and there’s a reason

New Music : Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) – Acoustic Cover By Lakshika Seneviratne

Released on the 7th of November comes this all new take of ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Lakshika.

New Music : Jizzy – Heta Dawase Weerayo

Producer & DJ Jizzy is back with this all new bass amped remix of the popular Children’s Day song ‘Heta Dawase Weerayo’. It was released on the 7th of November.