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New Music : Neeye X Piththan by Krish Manoj

Here’s a pretty neat take of ‘Neeye’ by Krish Manoj. Packed with a pretty good rap section, this cover is a must check out!

New Music : Pona Pongadi – Krish Manoj | Sagishna Xavier | Sandesh Bandara

Released two weeks ago comes this all new collaba by Krish Manoj, Sagishna Xavier and Sandesh Bandara! The single is produced by Abu Karim Ismail (The Chosen One Production) and

New Music : ULALLA උලල්ලා உல்லல்லா | Babi Supram ‍‍‍ft. Sandun Perera x Krish Manoj ( Music Video )

At the time of this post, this all new hot, bi-lingial collaba by Babi Supram that features Sandun Perera and Krish Manoj was at number 24 on YouTube’s trending list.

New Music : Sinhayo Thamai | සිංහයෝ තමයි | Official Music Video

Here’s another T20 song made for this all new season! This monster collaba has Funky Dirt, Krish Manoj, Tashni Perera & Adithya Weliwatta featuring Teena Shanell & Sanjana Gamarachchi. It’s

New Music : Maria (மரியா) – Babi Supram Ft Krish Manoj | Official Video

Babi Supram is a fairly fresh name from the island’s mushrooming Tamil music scene and her newest ‘Maria’, is fun and catchy! The single features Krish Manoj and is a

New Music : Paddapan – ADK / Shan Putha / Pasan / Krish / Lucky – Official Video

Last weekend sure saw one heck of an all new release by the multi talented ADK. He features a slew of friends, from Krish to Shan Putha, Lucky and award

New Music : IRAJ – Ven Aazhiye Ft. Krish Manoj, Babi Supram & MC Rude

It was two years ago when Iraj released the original version of ‘Nimnawiye’ in Sinhala. Fastforward to 2020, the Tamil version is out and it features Krish Manoj, Babi Supram

Vizhiyoram | Krish Manoj | Original

Here’s an all new solo single by singer Krish Manoj from the Tea Kada Pasangas. Mellow and very much in the veins of his previous solo material, this short single

Thimire | திமிரே | Krish Manoj | Jeevanandhan Ram | Varuon Thushyanthan | Mathavan Maheswaran

And the first Tamil release from the Island is here! Krish Manoj of the Tea Kada Pasanga fame dropped his newest on the first and we are lovin this single

Aagaaya Vennilaave | Naane Varugiraen | Krish Manoj | Babi Supram | Tamil Mashup Cover

It’s not everyday that we come across a Tamil mashup but when we do..it sure is stellar as this drop by Krish Manoj & Babi Supram.

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