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New Music : JD – NIRWARNA | Official Music Video

Released a few days ago comes this all new single / music video by rapper JD! The music, mix & master is by Dilshan L Silva Music.

New Music : ගති ගුණ ඇති රැපා – JD (Gathi Guna Athi Rapaa)

Rapper Jude Da Dude aka JD is back with this dose of realness from his life. Titled ‘Gathi Guna Athi Rapaa’, this single was released on the 2nd of October.

New Music : මිරිඟුව (Miriguwa) JD x Mario

Rapper JD is back with this all new collaba that features fresh talent Mario, on vocals.

Karmaya Official Music Video – JD & Nimanthi Ft RapZilla

Now here’s a collaba no one saw coming by Rappers JD & Rapzilla, featuring the vocals of Nimanthi.

JD & Nimanthi Ft Rapzilla – Karmaya (කර්මය)

JD & Nimanthi are two fairly new names from the Sinhala scene and we believe that this is their debut offering featuring RapZilla.