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New Music : Enawaado (එනවාදෝ) – Samanalee Fonseka & Indrachapa Liyanage ( SL Cover – Bella Ciao )

Here’s a powerful single for the times we live in to the tune of ‘Bella Ciao’ by Samanalee Fonseka & Indrachapa Liyanage.

Diganthe – Pop Punk FT Indrachapa Liyanage & Manasick (DRILL TEAM)

Now this is what we like to stamp our approval as THE Collaba of Jan 2020! Funky beats, rock vocals and a sick rap by some of the island’s best

Indrachapa Liyanage – Like Unlike

Indrachapa is back and this time around with this, a heartfelt ballad with a pretty creative video which we think really cuts it as cool. Nuff said, check the single