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New Music : Dinesh Gamage & Kanchana Anuradhi-Rallen Ralle( රැල්ලෙන් රැල්ලේ )

Here’s a collaba no one saw coming and it’s the good stuff by Dinesh Gamage & Kanchana Anuradhi! ‘Rallen Ralle’ is the exact kinda tune we’d expect from a collaba

New Music : Vaseegara | Covered by Dinesh Gamage

Currently trending at number 10 on Youtube is this all new take of the popular hit ‘Vaseegara’ by Dinesh Gamage. Packed with strong feels like it should, this is a

New Music : Hiriwatena ( හිරිවැටෙනා ) – Dinesh Gamage Ft @SamithaMudunkotuwa | Official Music Video

Another weekend release is this all new collaba by Dinesh Gamage & Samitha Mudunkotuwa. It’s a classic Dinesh Gamage single, with the exception of super deep & emotional lyrics. See

New Music : Dinesh Gamage – Man Thaniwama (මං තනිවම) | Official Gajaman Movie Song

Here’s single 2 that’s taken off the movie soundtrack of Gajaman! Dinesh Gamage’s ‘Man Thaniwama’ is heartfelt and comes packed with some very strong feels. The single is mixed and

New Music : Hadakari Naari – Dinesh gamage / Kaizer kaiz (Official Music Video)

Fun, catchy and overall a dancefloor ready single – that’s what this all new single is by Dinesh Gamage & Kaizer Kaiz.

New Music : Oba Nisa (ඔබ නිසා) – Dinesh Gamage | Official Music Video

The smooth voiced Dinesh Gamage is back with this incredible love song titled ‘Oba Nisa’. This mood of a song is powered by lyrics from Manuranga wijesekara. It’s music is

New Music : Senkadagala Nuwarata (සෙන්කඩගල නුවරට) – Dinesh Gamage | Official Music Video

Released yesterday and trending at number 3 on YouTube’s trending list comes Dinesh Gamage’s all new single / music video. This sure is a lot more different than his previous

New Music : Munbe Vaa | Cover Version | @Dinesh Gamage Ft Shanudrie

Here’s a take you wont hear everyday and it’s by two names from the island’s entertainment scene – Dinesh Gamage and Shanudrie.

New Music : Langa Langa – Dinesh Gamage Ft. Smokio | Chamath Sangeeth – Official Music Video

Catchy, fun and just a vibe in its own right, this all new collaba by Dinesh Gamage, Smokio and Chamath Sangeeth is here to stay! The single’s lyrics are by

News : Dinesh Gamage Ft @Kevin Smokio – Langa Langa – Audio Trailer

Epic collaba incoming! The announcement of an all new single with hit music producer Chamath Sangeeth got dropped on Dinesh Gamage’s YouTube last night. The single features rapper Smokio and