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New Music : Munbe Vaa | Cover Version | @Dinesh Gamage Ft Shanudrie

Here’s a take you wont hear everyday and it’s by two names from the island’s entertainment scene – Dinesh Gamage and Shanudrie.

New Music : Langa Langa – Dinesh Gamage Ft. Smokio | Chamath Sangeeth – Official Music Video

Catchy, fun and just a vibe in its own right, this all new collaba by Dinesh Gamage, Smokio and Chamath Sangeeth is here to stay! The single’s lyrics are by

News : Dinesh Gamage Ft @Kevin Smokio – Langa Langa – Audio Trailer

Epic collaba incoming! The announcement of an all new single with hit music producer Chamath Sangeeth got dropped on Dinesh Gamage’s YouTube last night. The single features rapper Smokio and

New Music : Adare Aragalayai (ආදරයේ අරගලයයි ) – Dinesh Gamage | Official Music Video

Released on the 8th of July comes this powerful single by Dinesh Gamage. Titled ‘Adare Aragalayai’, this is some pretty good motivational stuff made for Aragalaya playlists everywhere.

New Music : Veralu Mal (වෙරළු මල්) – Dinesh Gamage | Hot Chocolate Party

Here’s a slightly different take of the hit single by Dinesh Gamage featuring rapper Kaizer Kaiz by the band that is Hot Chocolate. Fun and just an overall good listen,

New Series : Hathey Hatha (හතේ හත) – Rathu Thol (රතු තොල්) – Dinesh Gamage | Episode1

Here’s an all new online series that features quite a few favories from Sri Lanka’s music scene. The series that is titled ‘Hathey Hatha’ is directed by Thisara Imbulana and

New Music : Nasuna – Smokio Ft Dinesh Gamage – Official Music Video

Produced by Chamath Sangeeth comes this all new single by rapper Smokio & vocalist Dinesh Gamage. It’s a fun, good time single with quite a few dance moves that just

New Music : Pogiren – Cover By Dinesh Gamage

Packed with the feels comes this all new single by Dinesh Gamage. Yes, he is one of those rare Sinhala artists who’s known for his Tamil takes.

New Music : Sithin Vitharak – cover by Dinesh Gamage @ Plain tea යයි සිංදු දෙකයි

The Plain tea යයි සිංදු දෙකයි are back with this all new take by singer & performer, Dinesh Gamage. Here’s ‘Sithin Vitharak’ like you’ve never heard before.

Dátha Dara (දෑත දරා) – A Naadhagama Story

Here’s a pretty special track by the Naadhagama family, showcasing each and everyone one behind this all island favorite gig series. Featuring of course all the voices & names you

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