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New Music : Siyatu Goyya – Ashen Senarathna x Dimi3 | Official Music Video

Infections and reminiscent of a 2021 sound, comes this all new single by Youtube sensation Ashen Senarathna, who pairs up with Dimi3 on this super fun single. The lyrics, melody

New Music : Choon Paan (Sata Pata Satta Padi) Ashen Senarathna x Dimi3 | Official Music Video

Released a few days ago comes this all new collaba by youtuber and now, fresh artist Ashen Senarathna featuring the prolific Dimi3. Fun, catchy and a vibe, this is a

Dimi3 On The Pem Kekula Tour, Tinkiri And More

The prolific Dimi3 sat down with us for an exclusive on him performing at the 1st LankanLand anniversary (Pem Kekula Tour), his newest collaba ‘Tinkiri’ and more!

New Music : Passa පස්ස | Ravi Royster X Dimi3

We all know what kinda fun energy the Ravi Royster & Dimi3 bring individually! Together, it’s double the fun and double the madness, and that’s exactly what ‘Passa’ is! A

New Music : Dimi3 – Ramya No 1 (රම්‍ය නො 1) Official Music Video

Here’s a song we missed out on reporting but here it is! Rapper Dimi3 is back with this all new single that’s fun and just the good stuff. Titled Ramy

Dimi3 Presents Kushan Nimantha – Kawadada Aye (පෙරුමන් පුරාලා)

Produced by rapper & producer Dimi3, here’s a single by fresher Kushan Nimantha that got released yesterday.

Dimi3 – Love Hilaw (ලව් හිලව් )

Dimi3 has always been known as a rapper with the sharpest lyrics but this single ‘Love Hilaw’ sees him take on a guitar song and it’s not too bad a

Dimi3 – Rap Baila ((නටන්න නටන්න)) – Official Music Video

Dimi3 is back and this time around with a single & a video that is in the veins of his previous efforts but a lot more fun, this single see’s him

Dimi3 – P.U.K.A ( දෙන්න එපා )

Rapper Dimi3 is mysterious..*no one knows who he is but he’s known for quite a few controversial tracks and just a few days ago, he dropped this single which is

Dimi3 – Manasin Diyunu Weyan (මනසින් දියුනු වෙයන්)

You would have seen this Sinhala Rapper a week ago at the SL Hip Hop Party and here he is with a super good debut effort that is done to perhaps