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New Music : Hena Katayam – Dilki Uresha Ft. Mahazona | Simple Music

Here’s another Friday release and it’s by Dilki Uresha featuring rapper Mahazona. It’s cutesy, fun and a vibe in its own right.

New Music : Roo Dhari (රූ ධාරී) – Dilki Uresha ft Eranga Madushan| SANSARINI Drama Song | Hiru TV

Taken off the Tv exclusive drama series ‘Sansarini’ from Hiru TV, comes this all new single / theme song by Dilki Uresha who features Eranga Madhushan.

New Music : 1st Kiss (පළමු හාදුව​) – @Dilki Uresha Ft @Kaizer Kaiz (Official Music Video)

Released a few days ago and currently trending at number 27 on Youtube’s trending list is this all new single by singer Dilki Uresha. ‘1st Kiss’ features Kaizer Kaiz, the

New Music : Ahaliya Mala – Uzi Senadeera & Dilki Uresha | Chamath Sangeeth – Official Music Video

Released thru Bonfire yesterday, comes this all new collaba between vocalist Dilki Uresha & rapper Uzi Senadeera. The music, mixing and mastering is done by Chamath Sangeeth and lyrics by

New Music : Ashawe (ආශාවේ) – Rohitha Rajapaksa, Neo ft Dilki Uresha

Rohitha Rajapaksa is back after a hiatus with this all new collaba and this is his first dive into Hip Hop, a genre he hasn’t experimented with before. He is

New Music : Liya Liyaa – Smokio Ft Dilki Uresha – Official Music Video

Released on the 1st of October comes this all new single by rapper Smokio and on this one, he’s featured Dilki Uresha, a fresh vocalist from the Sinhala music scene