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New Music : Anu Madhubhashinie Ft Kushan Chamupathi | Everything’s New | Official Lyrical – Music Video

The official lyric / music video to this release by the brother / sister collaba is here! Catchy, fun and a positive single, ‘Everything’s New’ is now available on all

New Music : Everything’s New – Anu Madhubhashinie & Kushan Chamupathi

Here’s a collaba no one saw coming and we love it! Its future retro with that edm feel and it’s just 2021 perfect. An anthem of sorts? you betcha! Click

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Exclusive : Anu Madhubhashinie On Her First English Single ‘In To The Rhythm”

Anu Madhubhashinie dropped her very first English sing;e / ,usic video not too long ago and here’s her with all you need to know about it.

Goodness of God – Sinhala & Tamil Version (by Samithri Kanchana & Anu Madhubhashinie)

Bethel Music’s ‘Goodness of God’ just got it’s Sinhala & Tamil cover and we think this is some stellar stuff by vocalists Samithri Kanchana & Anu Madhubhashinie.

Ye Laal Ishq ko Jaane Na Doongi – Cover by Anu Madhubhashinie Featuring Angelo Gamage

Here’s an all new take of a hindi classic by the very talented Anu Madhubashnie. This one features Angelo Gamage on backing vocals & keys.

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That Anu Madhubhashinie Exclusive!

Anu Madhubashinie is an incredible solo artist in her own right and we caught up with her for a quick one to one on her brand new single and more!

Nothing Else – Cover by Anu

Here’s a pretty heartfelt take of the spiritual single ‘Nothing Else’ by the uber talented Anu Madhubhashinie, who is usually known for her takes of Hindi songs.