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New Music : Mechanic & Metal Huski – SakaBorna (සකබෝනා) | Official Music Video

Released a few days ago comes this all new collaba by Mechanic & a rapper you need to keep a tab of – Metal Huski! ‘Sakaborna’ is a fun listen,

New Music : Noki Pema (නොකී පෙම) Official Music Video – Sachithra Madusanka

Here’s a name we dont get to hear from often but when we do, it sure is a wholesome, laid back listen. Here’s Sachithra Madusanka’s newest titled ‘Noki Pema’.

New Music : Shanuka | කලු සුදු දෙක පීරා තනමල්‍ රේනුවකින් පාවීලා feat KK | official music video

Released on the 1st of March comes the official music video for Shanuka Dope Boy’s newest that features KK on rap duties. Catchy, and a fun listen, see how you

New Music : Monara – DJ Mass x Flecan & Chihiro

Here’s a version of the Mayura Wannama like never heard before. DJ Mass pairs up with the producer duo Flecan and vocalist Chihiro for ‘Monara’. Festival ready? You betcha!

New Music : Ulow – Hoyanne (හොයන්නෙ) Official Video

Rapper Ulow is on the rise, first with his single ‘Adi’ and now ‘Hoyanne’, which makes for an intresting listen

New Music : මම පැතුවේ | Mama Pathuwe | Minura Halwathura | Lasith Malinga | Producer 99

Wholesome and penned by Lasith Malinga, comes this all new single that’s got vocals on it by Minura Halwathura. ‘Mama Pathuwe’ is romantic and is 100!

News: Shehxna’s Debut Ep ‘4 Missed Calls’ Is Out!

Released a few days ago, Shehxna’s debut Ep has arrived and it’s packed with some serious gems including her YES Home Grown hit single ‘Lover Girl’. See how you dig

New Music : IYRE – Fragments

Producer & Dj iClown reveled last year that he was creating a different persona for his Drum N Bass efforts. Fast forward to yesterday when the lankan internet was treated

Moovon – Chains ft VIPXR, Skeli, RAZR [Official Audio]

There’s an all new rap collective in town forming under the all new indie collective Moovon. Their first single ‘Chains’ features VIPXR, Skeli & RAZR on vocal duties. (Moovon is

Maroon 5 – Memories ( Cover By Sunruk Weerasinghe )

You might know Sunruk Weerasinghe as the lead vocalist for the band – The Essentials. Here’s his solo take of Maroon 5’s single ‘Memories’.