Tag "2nd November"

New Music : Charin Mendes feat NFRTAY – Nothing {Duet} [Acoustic Version]

Released on the 1st of November is this all new single by singer & producer Charin Mendes with vocalist NFRTAY. This single saw its Lankan radio premiere on The YES

New Music : Reed Jksn – Agony Of The Broken Child

Reed Jksn of Karma09 launched his solo experimental, extreme metal self titled project on the 9th of October with the release of ‘Agony Of The Broken Child’. Like what you

New Music : Satan – Lil Mora (Official Music Video) [ සාතන් ]

Lil Mora from Team GhostFace is back with this all new release titled ‘Satan’. This was released on the 25th of October.

New Music : GK – Lelam

Here’s another October release and this time around comes from GK’s camp. This single sees producer, singer & rapper GK drop lyrics in Sinhala, English & Tamil.

New Music – Onefifty Yard – Dead or Alive

Released in October comes this all new single from a fresh producer from our island’s evolving electronica scene -Onefifty Yard. Onefifty Yard ✪ · Dead or Alive.mp3

New Music : ADK – Instalife [Official Music Video ]

Released on the 30th of October comes this all new single from ADK and it’s everything fun and a 360 departure from the sound & image we’re used to. ‘Instalife’

New Music : Ashen Sandaru – All Of Us Cannot Fail

Ashen Sandaru, the front man of Silence Of Loud released his debut solo single titled ‘All Of Us Cannot Fail’ last Friday (29th Oct). The single is about coming together

New Music : Sandeep Lamasuriya | Mandire Sapase (මන්දිරේ සැපසේ ) | Official Music Video

Sandeep Lamasuriya is known for a few covers and here he is with this debut studio single / video. ‘Mandire Sapase’ sure is an interesting Sinhala Rock offering.

New Music : Hot Chocolate – Vinda Premaya (වින්ද ප්‍රේමය​) – Hot Chocolate රත්මලාන Chapter 03

Here’s an all new single by one of Colombo’s favorite bands – Hot Chocolate. Titled ‘Vinda Premaya’, the single is not their usual fun stuff. Packed with the feels and

New Music : Traprobane – Sad/Happy Chill Beats 2 -Traditional Sri Lankan Hip Hop Mix

This epic 10 track drop of solid goodness was released on the 30th of October and it’s everything you need to check out this lockdown. It’s traditional sounds, amalgamated skillfully