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New Music : DJ JNK x Moniyo x Roy – Podda (Official Music Video)

Fun, and very much a DJ Jnk offering, this collaba with Moniyo and fresher Roy is a gem in the Wave Park Music Discography. ‘Podda’ is a playlist must have

New Music : Jerome Silva : Falling In Love With Jesus – Jonathan Butler (cover)

Here’s a heartfelt take of the Jonathan Butler gospel single ‘Falling In Love With Jesus’ by Jerome Silva. Perfect for praise and worship playlists.

New Music : Pahase “පහසේ” – Hirushi X ADK X Pasan Liyanage

Catchy and an all new sound from Hirushi’s camp is what ‘Pahase’ is. With stellar productions from Pasan Liyanage and dope Tamil rap by ADK this one is the hype

New Music : Dileep Mann – පරාජය අවජාතකයි (part 1) – Guitar solo track

Released yesterday comes this all new track by guitarist Dileep Mann. It’s 100% of the good guitar stuff and is a sonic treat.

Lahindu – Sansarini (Love Scenario)

Lahindu is a brand new artist from the island and here’s his debut single ‘Sansarni’ that was released a few days ago!

Aiyo – The Soul Live at Jamsteady X TopCatCCU

Taken from one of their Indian tour sets last year, is this moment from their performance at Jamsteady. ‘Aiyo’ sure is an anthem for the ages eh?

Rashmika Ratnayake – Nannadunanni (නන්නාදුනන්නී) [Official Lyrics Video]

Rashmika Ratnayake is an all new singer from the island’s music scene and here’s the lyric video to his debut single ‘Nannadunanni’.

Moments From Wagon Park Live!

Whenever there’s a Wagon Park gig you’re guaranteed of 2 things – the epic times and awesome island rock n roll! Their concert on the 1st of Feb was nothing

Costa x Big Doggy – ඈත එපිට Aatha Epita

About time this killer collaba dropped – a solid by senior rapper Big Doggy and the one producer & rapper who’s been solidifying his name for a while now –

Soora Pappa – Cover by DotDotay°

DotDotay is an all new group and here’s their pretty fun take of the Soora Pappa theme song.