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New Music : Ranjan Ramanayake – Un Okkoma Yaluwo Malli (උන් ඔක්කොම යාලුවෝ මල්ලී) | Official Music Video

Catchy, and packed with a fun island vibe comes this all new single by Actor, Politician and singer Ranjan Ramanayake.

New Music : Lanwee (ලංවී) | Sithmi Fernando x Kaizer kaiz (Official Music Video)

Sithmi Fernando is here and she’s making her mark with her debut music video/ single titled ‘Lanwee’, which sees Kaizer Kaiz on rap duties.

New Music : Kalpa Arachchi – Drug Dealers Anonymous (Remix)

Here’s a pretty interesting experimental remix of ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’ by rapper & producer Kalpa Arachchi.

New Music : Melissa Stephen – Shawty Let’s Go (Official Music Video)

Fun, tropical and full of fun moments is this all new single by rapper & singer Melissa Stephen. ‘Shawty Lets Go’ is currently on the YES Home Grown Top 15.

New Music : MDRA – Intuition (Official Music Video)

Released a few days ago comes this all new single / music video by MDRA (formerly known as Madara). Powerful, packed with feels and very honest moments is ‘Intuition’.

Its Week 4 For The Middle Class Rich Kids & Leah!

Looks like they aint going anywhere, anytime soon as they spend week 4 as the most played / requested for song on YES101. Here’s the countdown at a glance Here’s

Supun Perera – Radhawani (රාධාවණී) ft. Charitha Attalage [Official Trailer]

A little over a year after it’s release comes the music video to the uber popular ‘Radhawani’ by Supun Perera from the Attalage camp ad here’s your first look.

Thanthrawaadaya තන්ත්‍රවාදය – Patu Adahas (W.D. Amaradeva cover)

Now here’s a take of an Amaradeva single like you’ve never heard before by an all new bands called Thanthrawaadaya. This single was recorded Kasun Munasinghe @ the recent show

Kevin Maleesha – 17th Sentz ⩈

This 20 something producer from Colombo is back with this brand new offering titled ’17th Sentz’.

Manamaali – Niranjan Bibile (Official Lyric Video)

Known for his hit singles ‘If I Ain’t Got You’, Niranjan Bible (ex Sahashra) is back with his first Sinhala original and this is nothing short of just right for