Tag "11th January"

New Music : Paranoid Earthling – Parasites (Live)

Here’s music video 2 taken from the live Colombo leg of the Illusion Empire album tour by Paranoid Earthling. ‘Parasites’ sure is one heck of a must check out single

New Music : MADUWA – Nasaka ( නාශක ) Official Music Video

Here’s a rapper we dont get to see more of but when he drops a single / music video, it’s some good stuff. ‘Nasaka’ comes packed with sick beats and

New Music : Zany Inzane – Math Unu Susuman මත්වුනු සුසුමන් ft. Shane (Official Video)

Here’s a single that got released in December but is nothing short of some solid stuff by Zany Inzane. ‘Math Unu Susuman’ is a laid back, real offering by the

New Music : RUDAH – Labbe Rasavindanaya | ලබ්බේ රසවින්දනය

We missed out on reporting this single by Rude Boy Ray but here’s ‘Labbe Rasavindanaya’ for you. He comes all guns ablazin with some serious emotions, lyrics that’s fire and

Incoming : Hippie Denima | Trailer II By The Daddy Band

Here’s one of those superstar productions that’s gonna be dropping on the 12th of the month! With lyrics by the famous Manuranga Wijesekara & with the producer & director being

New Music : Kasun Kalhara – Hitha Hoyanna ( හිත හොයන්න ) | Official Music Video

Produced by Steve Joseph Anderson comes this all new single by singer & one of the coaches of The Voice Sri Lanka – Kasun Kalhara. ‘Hitha Hoyanna’ is heartfelt and

New Music : Rahasin Ennam (රහසින් එන්නම්) – Teesha ft. Bachi Susan and Shiraz (Official Music Video)

Here’s a single we missed out on reporting last year but it’s never too late. Fun, and catchy is this all new collaba by Teesha Perera, featuring Bachi Susan and

New Music : Pawenne (පාවෙන්නෙ) – Yonah x @ShanMMusic | Official Music Video

Yohan is a fairly new name form the island’s mushrooming Sinhala rap music scene and here’s his newest for the year. Titled ‘Pawenne’, this one is an absolute check out

NewMusic : Hola Kollo | Tea Kada Pasanga ft Aadil Osman

Released during the weekend comes the first release of 2022 from the Tea Kada Pasanga camp. It’s refreshing, fun and features Aadil Osman on vocals too!

New Music : Stereomiinds – Madrid Sadaya (මැඩ්‍රිඩ් සාදය) Ft Yashodha Adhikari

Adding a refreshing element of story telling comes this all new single by the group Stereomiinds. It’s completed with lyrics by Yashodha Adhikari.