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New Music : Sorry Amma – vidushaan official music video{chapter : 1}/ Darryl Duke / Lerociyan TJ / S.N.Vishnujan

Singer & rapper Vidushaan is back with this all new single titled ‘Sorry Amma’, that was released on the 15th Of Jan this year.

New Music : Sihinayaki Sihine (Audio Release) – CYNC | Mandira N Maliga feat. Rashenka Amarasekara

After a hiatus twin rappers Mandira & Maliga are back on this all new track by producer Cync. This single released on the 9th of the month, features Rashenka Amarasekara.

New Music : Rathu Eli – Umaria| රතු එලි – උමාරියා

‘Rathu Eli’ is a gem that was released on international women’s day. We sure do hear Umaria like we’ve never heard before and this has to be a classic in

Mahesh Nish – Hirimal Wayasata ft Ashanthi de Alwis, Ravihans

Here’s an all new single by Mahesh Nish featuring Ravihans & Ashanthi De Alwis. The music production is done by Ravihans Watakepotha.

Gomari “ගෝමරි” – Dr BSKing ft Thilanka D & Mister D [Lyrics Video]

Now here’s another collaba that dropped during the weekend by 3 fairly new names from the Sinhala Rap scene – Dr BSKing, Thilanka D & Mister D.

SDill x EskennyWorld – Jeewithe Slow (Audio)

Here’s a few new names from the Sinhala trap scene and this is some pretty interesting stuff by them titled – ‘Jeewithe Slow’

Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage & Sihilel Vu (Cover) By Menuka Gunasekara

Menuka Gunasekara is another singer from the Sinhala music scene who recently dropped this, a take of two popular singles ‘Tujhe Kitna Chane Lage’ & Silel Vu’.

Ahasa Gugura (අහස ගුගුරා) Cover by Sanduni Karunarathna | Aga Pipi Mal Theme Song

Released on International Women’s Day is this take by singer Sanduni Karunarathna titled ‘Ahasa Gugura’.

Angel – Sarah McLachlan (Covered on Ma Nowana Mama) – Viresh Cooray Chika

Its rare to be hearing Viresh do vocals in English but when he does, it’s something you gotta stop and ceck out. Here’s his take of that classic ‘Angel’.

News – Ella ( ඇල්ලේ ) Official Lyric Video

Sarith & Surith are back with this all new single with their new band – News.

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