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Anush Milroy X FATAL – Lion Heart (Original Mix)

We think this collaba between Anush & Shenic aka Fatal is something  

Dicky Nau Ft. K Mac & DKM – Manussakamai Wadagath ( මනුස්සකමයි වැදගත් )

Produced by G.O.A, this Sinhala Rap single dropped not too long ago and we believe this could be Dicky Nau’s debut single. It features K Mac (44 Kalliya) & DKM

New Music : Protest Song: අපි හැමෝගේම දුෂ්ඨයා එකයි – නාමිණී පංචලා | We All Have a Common Enemy – Namini Panchala

The 8th of April saw the release of this all new single by singer Naimi Panchala and it sure is one of those strong singles that tugs at heartstrings. The