New Music : Induja × @DILUBeats – Samawee (සමාවී) Official Music Video

According to his Youtube ‘Samawee’ is the 3rd single from Induja’s 2023 album “It’s All In My Head.” The song expresses a personal experience of Induja’s as a teenager when

New Music : Bo Sedkid – Man Yanawa මං යනවා (Official Video)

Bo Sedkid is back with this all new single titled ‘Man Yanawa’. Moody and pensive, this is a must check out!

New Music : Baluwa Athi ‘බැලුව ඇති’ | U-Low (official video)

Rapper U-Low has been on the come up for a while now and his newest, is testament to him showing no signs of stopping. ‘Baluwa Athi’ is some interesting Sinhala

New Music : Zany Inzane – Rawatavi As (රවටාවි ඇස්) [Official Music Video]

Rapper Zany Inzane is back with a stellar new single titled ‘Rawatavi’. Trending at number 16 on Youtube at the time of this post, this single sure is a fresh

New Music : 2FORTY2 – පියුමෙහි පැණි බොති | Ft. Hannah Onella | Original by – CT Fernando | Piyumehi Pani Bothi |

2Forty2 are back and this time around with a fun remake of a classic by C.T. Fernando, by a fresher. Hannah Onella sure does inject freshness into the single ‘Piyumehi

New Music : Cheri Cheri Lady | Sandaru Sathsara

It’s not everyday you get a fun, and almost different version of a classic from your dad’s years but here’s one! ‘Cheri Cheri Lady’ get’s redone and it sure is

New Music : Shan Putha × Dilu Beats – Ai Man Awe (ඇයි මං ආවේ) | Official Music Video

Released during the weekend comes this all new single by Shan Putha and it’s not like anything we’ve heard from his camp before. From the heart and just almost biographical,

New Music : Nipuna Fernando ft Tikx Kooda – Paavi (පාවී)

‘Paavi’ the collaba between Nipuna Fernando & Tikz Kooda is out and it sure is a vibe.

New Music : Cornerstone Music Collective – Spirit Sets Me Free

Krishan Maheson has an all new project and it’s called Cornerstone Music Collective. Here’s the first single, a Christian spiritual titled ‘Spirit Sets Me Free’.

New Music : Kuweni the Musical | Duwe | Sakura | Manasick | A Cinematic Musical Experience by Charitha Attalage

Released a day ago comes this all new footage from the Kuweni concert last year of ‘Duwe’ & ‘Sakura’. The footage is nothing short of epic and retains the it’s

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