New Music : Dr Green – Om (A-Jay Remix)

Released thru SLC-6 Music comes this all new single by Dr. Green, and two fantastic remixs. Here’s A-Jay’s take of this progressive gem!

New Music : Kiyaapan – Anushka Udana Ft. Chamath & Yasho | Wasthi Productions

Anushka Udana’s newest isnt the usual energy packed, rather heavy on the emotions! Produced by Chamath Sangeeth & lyrics by Yasho, this single is a must check out for those

New Music : Duava – Spotify (Official Audio)

Dropping some pretty honest truth about the struggles of being an independent artist is Duava, in his newest ‘Spotify’.

New Music : Tennyson Napolean & Suresh De Silva -Unmasked

What this is – “A poem by Suresh Desilva, music by Tennyson Napoleon, and drums by Hafzel Preena, proudly supporting the inspiring #MenUnmasked Sri Lanka initiative”. We strongly urge you

New Music : OOSeven – MATHAKA ATHARIN ( මතක අතරින් ) Official Music Video

Released this week, comes this very strong single by OOSeven on life and, we think ‘Mathaka Atharin’ makes for some very very powerful stuff.

New Music : INFINITY – Kodukari | Official Music Video

Fun, summer and a great vibe is what ‘Kodukari’ is by the Infinity band. See how you dig their newest.

New Music : Aganthuka Beba | ආගන්තුක බෙබා | Sandaru Sathsara

It’s not everyday that you get to see Sandaru Sathsara drop an original but when he does, expect some very very impressive fun content from him. Testament? Look for it

New Music : Real Rome II – Ft. Chappa X Thila X Rex Chain X Freaky X Tharuwa (Official Music Video) 2024

Released not too long ago comes this all new collaba between Real Rome, Chappa, Thila, Rex Chain, Freaky and Tharuwa. This is one of those amazing Sinhala Hip Hop &

New Music : Kelle Jolly – Satheeshan x Nathasha Perera | Mahendra Perera | Lahiru Sandeep

Catchy, fun and a vibe is this all new collaba by Satheeshan & Natasha Perera. The video sees actor Mahendra Perera too!

New Music : Ryan De Mel -Tems – Love Me JeJe (Live Acoustic Cover)

Laid back and packed with a lotta feels, comes this all new cover of ‘Love Me JeJe’ by Ryan De Mel who has Shane John Jr & Deva on the