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Catching Up With Mechanic

Dj &Producer Mechanic has been busy ,and stepping into new ventures. Here’s our exclusive with the 20 something year old on all things you need to know about.

News : Drillamentary 04 | Kataka (කටක) Album by Manasick

‘Kataka’ the all new album by Manasick get’s its release on the 8th of March, before that, here’s all you need to know about that monster release.

New Music : Ashavi – Chaboda Sanjaya X Smokio Official Music Video

Catchy, fun and a future dance floor hit, here’s Chabodya Sanjaya with his newest that features rapper Smokio.

New Music : Eric Heinrichs x Rathya – Jenga

Here’s a single that’s currently getting mad love like cold drinks on a hot day. Eric Heinrics & Rathya is on a collaba no one saw coming and ‘Jenga’, is

New Music : Mechanic & Metal Huski – SakaBorna (සකබෝනා) | Official Music Video

Released a few days ago comes this all new collaba by Mechanic & a rapper you need to keep a tab of – Metal Huski! ‘Sakaborna’ is a fun listen,

New Music : Nipuna Fernando x Costa – Trip (Official Music Video)

Nipuna Fernando has an all new Ep dropping sometime this year and here’s a single off it. Sharing the same title as the Ep, the single ‘Trip’ features Costa and

New Music : Noki Pema (නොකී පෙම) Official Music Video – Sachithra Madusanka

Here’s a name we dont get to hear from often but when we do, it sure is a wholesome, laid back listen. Here’s Sachithra Madusanka’s newest titled ‘Noki Pema’.

New Music : Shanuka | කලු සුදු දෙක පීරා තනමල්‍ රේනුවකින් පාවීලා feat KK | official music video

Released on the 1st of March comes the official music video for Shanuka Dope Boy’s newest that features KK on rap duties. Catchy, and a fun listen, see how you

New Music : Monara – DJ Mass x Flecan & Chihiro

Here’s a version of the Mayura Wannama like never heard before. DJ Mass pairs up with the producer duo Flecan and vocalist Chihiro for ‘Monara’. Festival ready? You betcha!

New Music : Ulow – Hoyanne (හොයන්නෙ) Official Video

Rapper Ulow is on the rise, first with his single ‘Adi’ and now ‘Hoyanne’, which makes for an intresting listen