New Music : BATEECHA – Sandaru Sathsara

The multi talented & funny man Sandaru Sathsara is back and this time around with this fun single called “Batheecha’. Afro, laid back and funny, the single is in Sinhala,

New Music : Dinu Jay – Sandawathi (සදවතී) Official Music Video

Dinu Jay is a name that’s been around for a little while and here’s yet another original / music video by him that’s titled ‘Sandawathi’.

New Ep : Dhroga – Chai Sessions & Urban Echoes : Desi Lo-Fi Chronicles

Producer Dhroga is back with an all new ep that is India inspired. Titled Chai Sessions & Urban Echoes, these two singles are well crafted lo-fi gems. ‘Dastaan – e

New Music : NIPUN KALHARA – Dawasaka Eka Hawasaka (දවසක එක හවසක) ft. Abhishek geethadeva

Nipun Kalhara is a fairly new name from the music scene of Sri Lanka and his newest is a must check out! ‘Dawasak Eka Hawasaka’ is his debut single /

New Music : Camellia Mal කැමෙලියා මල් Shenal Samaranayake | Tharindu Damsara | Anjalee Bandara | Isuru Withanage

Here’s a throwback sound from the island powered by a name we keep resurfacing ever now and then – Shenal Samaranayake. ‘Camellia Mal”s lyrics are by Anjalee Bandara and the

New Music : Cairo Rich – Poda Wessak Ft Pazi (Official Audio)

Rapper & Producer Cairo Rich is back with an all new single with another name from the island’s music scene – PAZI. Laid back and filled with good vibes, this

New Music : Hesara Bandara – RATHA THILAKE (රත තිලකේ) ‍| Official Music Video

Released in October, this all new single & music by Hesara Bandara of (The Voice Fame) is nothing short of some seriously good audio & video work by the 20

New Music : Warren J x Dimi3 & Dilshi – Warenthu

Here’s another weekend release and it’s the debut single off Dj & producer Warren J’s upcoming Ep. ‘Warenthu’ is fun, catchy and such a vibe with Dimi3 and fresher Dilshi

New Music : Nopenena Ruwa (නොපෙනෙනා රුව) – Ridma Weerawardane, Thilina Boralessa, Sagarika Sugathapala

Trending at number 28 on YouTube at the time of this post comes this all new music video for the collaba single by Ridma Weerawardane, Sagarika Sugathapala & Thilina Boralessa.

New Music : Windy – CHALONA (Telugu) Cover | Jawan | చలోనా | Chaleya

Windy sure is expanding her language range, and we love how she’s taken on the very popular single from the movie Jailer, ‘Chalona’ in Telugu. Laid back, this is def