New Music : DJ JNK X @Moniyo_ – Sudu Malli (Bon Bon) | Official Music Video

Packed with awesome bass and his unique flavor, comes this all new single by the prolific Dj JNK featuring his long time collaborator, Moniyo.

New Music : Sevexth – WHWB (Official Audio)

The first Halloween release is here in 2023 from Sri Lanka and it’s by metal band, Sevexth. After a minute, they are back with a brand new single and this

New Music : Aney Surangani (AI Music Video) | ADK | ShafraZ | Sheriina | Pasan Liyanage

2023 see’s ADK celebrating 15years of the single that changed his career (according to him). The newest version of ‘Surangani’ aka ‘Aney Surangani’ is pumped up and sees Shafraz &

New Music : Thwarakaya (ත්වරකය) | Malith Perera | Music Video

Trending at number 25 on YouTube at the time of this post, is this all new single by Malith Perera. ‘Thwarakaya’ is a love song that is a must check

New Music : Sanda Angana – සඳ අංගනා Lucky Lakmina Ft. U Prageeth Rajapaksha

Here’s another single we got late to report on, but it’s the good stuff by producer, singer & rapper Lucky Lakmina worth checking out! U Prageeth Rajapaksha penned this laid

New Music : Soyami Ma(සොයමි මා) – Official Video – Umara Sinhawansa

Released a few days ago comes this all new single / music video by the prolific Umara Sinhawansa. Laid back and packed with depts of emotion is ‘Soyami Ma’.

New Music : Pop Punk – Mandarame (මන්දාරමේ) [feat. BigDoggy]

Here’s a release we missed but it’s never too late to be reporting on this all new effort by Pop Punk who have featured the equally prolific rapper Big Doggy

New Music : ARJUMANN // PUUSEK (පූසෙක්) – Official Video

Fun and packed with fubn to watch visuals, comes the video for Arjumann’s single from a while ago ‘Puusek’. Possibly one of the simplest yet good music videos from 2023.

New Music : Madurasi | මධුරාසි | Mangus ft Lucky Lakmina | Official Video | Nucleya | Mangus 2023

Mangus sure know how to bring the fun onto screens and speakers and their newest single ‘Madurasi’ is a Lankanized remake of the Indian hit ” Going to America “.

New Music : What Is Love- DASANY x Kusal Binara (Official Lyric Video)

Vocalist Dasany is back with her all new take of ‘What Is Love’ with Kusal Binara on the mixing, mastering & producing duties.