New Music : KAMAJ – Manamali (මනමාලී ) Official Trailer

Kamaj is back with this all new trailer for his upcoming single that’s slated for a 12th Jan release. Here’s your first look / listen.

New Music : Jesune, Peshala Manoj Official Music Video

Another 1st of Jan release! Peshala Manoj who is popular for his singles and collabas with Iraj is back with this single that’s from the heart.

New Music : “The Music’s Always There With You” – Senior Choir of Visakha Vidyalaya

Magical and heart touching, is this all new take of John Rutter’s “The Music’s Always There” by the senior choir of Visakha Vidyalaya, under the direction of Rohan de Lanerolle

New Music : Nadeemal Perera – E Kaale Wage (ඒ කාලේ වාගේ) Official Music Video

At number 12 on Youtube’s trending list at the time of this post, is this all new single by Nadeemal Perera. Titled ‘E Kaale Wage’, this single was released on

New Music : Loka Sithiyama (ලෝක සිතියම) – Methun SK & Dhanith Sri ft Senanga Dissanayaka [Official Video]

Probably the first release of 2021 is this all new collaba between Methun SK, Dhanith Sri & Senanga Dissanayaka. Titled ‘Loka Sithiyama’, it’s dreamy, full of uplifting moments and just

New Music : Apzi – Hollanna Na Ft Smokio & Adeesha Beats (Official Music Video)

Produced by Adeesha Beats comes this all new power packed single by Apzi ft Smokio & Adeesha himself. Catchy, full of intenmse moments and just the good stuff is ‘Hollana

New Music : Cairo Rich – Rawana (රාවණා) Ft DKM & Chey 9 (Official Music Video)

Coming in with all power in this collaba, is rapper & producer Cairo Rich with a little help with his friends DKM & Chey 9. ‘Rawana’ was trending at number

New Music : The De Lanerolle Brothers – The Prayer

Released today comes the De Lanerolle Brother’s heart touching take of the classic ‘The Prayer’. This is the final installment of their series ’12 Days Of Christmas’.