News : All You Need To Know About The Pem Kekula NFT

The 5th of November 2021 saw the island’s biggest collaboration for that year, and it was by Dj & Producer Mass, featuring singer Romaine Willis & rapper Apzi. It was

New Music : Lityananda – ADK x ofRo // Official Music Video

Currently at number 29 on YouTube’s trending list comes this all new single by rapper & singer ADK & ofRo. Titled ‘Liyyananda’, this is a fun single / music video

New Music : Drill Team Presents දුම්මල වරම Cypher ft. Freaky, Rathya, Melissa, Young Krizh, TMG, Xyren & BEE

Released during the weekend comes this all new single release by The Drill Team featuring a slew of talent that bring in some major heat! From Freaky Mobbig to Rathya,

New Music : Surali (සුරලී) – Rubeena Shabnam | Official Music Video

Fun and full of fresh summer vibes comes this all new music video for Rubeena Shabnam’s single ‘Surali’. The single is also out on leading music streaming platforms too!

New Music : Naden – Kanchana Anuradhi & Supun Perera – Official Music Video

Catchy, fun and packed with all the elements of a flirty summer encounter is this all new collaba by Supun Perera & Kahana Anuradhi.

New Music : Prathama Haduwa | ප්‍රථම හාදුව – Matheesha Udawatte feat Chrishan Masakkara

Dreamy, romantic and just right is this all new single by Matheesha Udawatte ft Chrishan Masakkara. The music for the single is produced by Dilan Irugalbandara.

New Music : Enna Da Nadakuthu Nattula ? By Mc Ra [ Re Edited Music Video ]

Re-edited and packed with visual snaps of present Sri Lanka is this effort by Tamil rapper MC Ra. See how you dig this!

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News : Pem Kelula NFT & Hyperglade – The All New NFT Market Place!

Hyperglade is an all new NFT Market place from Sri Lanka for Sri Lankan creators! We caught up with with two awesome members of the team (Kalana & Malnda) to

News : Abyss To Take Stage @ A Fitful Of Steel On Saturday!

It’s official! Abyss will be taking stage at ‘A Fistful Of Steel’ and here’s all you need to know about it!

New Music : Keeping You Safe by Shihaara

Released not too long ago comes this all new take of ‘Keeping You Safe’ by Shihaara. Warm and just comforting, we think this is some pretty good stuff by her.