New Music : හැමදේම දැනුනා (Hamadema Danuna) [ Official Video ] Ruwini Ranrekha

Ruwini Ranrekha is back with her all new original titled ‘Hamadema Danuna’. The lyrics are by Lahiru Kasun and the single is produced by Kasun Dissanayake @ Sri Nada Music

New Music : The Cast Out One x Ozyryz – Braindead

Released a few weeks ago comes this all new bass heavy production by producers The Cast Out One & Ozyryz.

New Music : Nikhil – Pick Me Up (Official Audio)

The second release from his upcoming and yet to be titled album is here! Nikhil’s ‘Pick Me Up’ is the perfect follow up to ‘Alright With Me’.

New Music : Roveena Turning Tables – (with Brigit O’Regan Cover)

Packed with a ton of feels comes this all new take of ‘Turning Tables’ by Roveena with a little help from Brigit O’Regan.

New Music : padamata bipalla (පදමට බීපල්ලා )sri lankan reggae song by Shane Vanderwall

Released on the 14th of November comes this all new single by reggae artist Shane Vanderwall. Titled ‘Padamata Bipalla’, the song is fun but is packed with some serious lyrics.

New Music : Rubeena Shabnam – Surali

Singer and radio personality Rubeena Shabnam is back with this all new track that she’s been teasing for a while now. Mellow and packed with the feels, ‘Surali’ sure is

New Music : ISRXTH – No One There

‘No One’, an the all new, debut single by fresh producer ISRXTH is out now. ISRXTH is a Colombo based producer.

New Music : Tamara Shamini – Exclusive (Official Music Video)

Tamara Shamini known for her YES Home Grown Top 15 hit with Gershom Moses, ‘Rain’, is back with a sound that’s equally catchy. ‘Exclusive’ is a fun, pop, dance single

New Music : “NEAT” By Visler x EskennyWorld x Thanuja Martis Ft Kaos

Pure fire is what this all new single is by producer Visler featuring rappers EskennyWorld, Thanuja Martis & Kaos.

New Music : Funeral Cry – Revon Quvincy | Official Music Video

An original composition by Revon Quvincy, this all new single titled ‘Funeral Cry’ was released on the 9th of November and is some pretty solid stuff.