New Music : හාදුවක් (Official Music Video) Samanalee Fonseka

Released on Valentine’s day is this all new single by the prolific actress & singer Samanalee Fonseka. This single sure has a way of tugging at heart strings.

New Music : Siyumini Opayangi – උදුලෝල (Udulola) | Official Music Video

Siyumini is a fresher from the Sinhala music scene, having started off with her take of ‘Sandhawathiye’ last year and here she is with her original ‘Udulola’.

New Music : Sweet Fix- Brown Boy Starring Anarkalli

Amith Boteju aka Brown Boy is back after his ‘Whoopty Remake’, “Huththi’, with this all new single that features Anarkalli on the video. This Valentine release is very different to

New Music : Jayod Rathnayake – Me Swapnaye (මේ ස්වප්නයේ) Official Lyric Video

Jayod Rathnayake is a fresh name to the Sinhala music scene and here’s his debut original that is written by Nadeesha Bandara. It’s mixed & mastered by Nawam Tharindu Dissanayake

New Music : Big Mountain – Baby, I Love Your Way (Cover by Minesh)

This sure was another fitting Valentine release. A chilled & full on feels packed version of ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ by singer & songwriter Minesh D.

New Music : MaaYaa ( මායා ) – Prathap | iClown [ Official Video ]

The official music video for ‘MaaYaa’ got dropped on valentine’s day and we are lovin this effort by the team that is Yasith & his fellas from Prodigi Interactive. The

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Exclusive : Eve Alai On His Newest Collaba

Producer Eve Alai has an all new collaba coming out with another producer, Madaid Music and vocalist Arjun Ratwatte. Here’s your exclusive!

New Music : Kanishka Kavirathna x Saasha K – Hit Me Baby One More Time (Cover)

Tv show host, influencer & singer Saasha K paired up with producer, singer & songwriter Kanishka for this take of a Britney Spears classic ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’.

New Music : Cairo Rich – Old Arrack & Whisky Ft Assasinandie (Official Music Video)

The first music video / single off Cairo Rich’s newest album ‘Lil Rose’ got dropped on Valentine’s Day. ‘Old Arrack & Whisky’ features Assasinandie on vocals and this sure is

New Music : දෝණී | Dhoni | 2FORTY2 Ft Devashrie | Dedicated to Ayanna |

Released on Sunday comes this all new single by 2FORTY2 featuring vocal powerhouse Devashrie. About this single ‘ It was initiated by Nishan Silva together with his wife Ruvini, based