Extravagant (Bethel) Sinhala Cover I Shalom Samuel I Crosswings

Shalom Samuel is a upcoming singer who is known for belting quite a few Christian singles, and there’s no one who does it quite like him. Check the video out!

Roveena – Always Remember Us This Way (cover)

Roveena is back with this soul shaking take of Lady Gaga’s single ‘Always Remember Us This Way’.

Dura Akahe ( දුර ආකාහේ ) – Charitha Attalage Ft Ravi Jay EDM Remix

Here’s a remix that deserves to be on any playlist anyday..its such a fun, EDM spin on Charitha Attalage’s recent single that features Ravi Jay.

NINDA නින්ද – Silence Of Loud

Silence Of Loud from Kandy are nothing short of an amazing band! Here’s their all new studio release, a live favorite titled ‘Ninda’.

Troublemakers Gang – Tell Em (Prod By Coke Boi Beats)

The Troublemakers Gang are back with this sick new drop produced by Coke Boi Beats. Titled ‘Tell Em’, this single is nothing short of anthem worthy!

Colombo MBZ FT Rudebwoy Shiraz [ Rangana ]

Colombo MBZ are a hip hop collective based in colombo and here is their latest single, this one features Shiraz Rude Bwoy.