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Happy Birthday To The Founder Of EDM City!

Srinath Ramamoorty!!!!!! thanks for all the work you’re putting into the home e.d.m. scene, hope you have an awesome day!  

New Music : Alka – Alpha21 & Vegaz SL Remix

Dropped on the 8th of August comes this all new EP titled ‘Alka’. It’s a progressive house gem by Carlo (MT), featuring remixes by Lanka’s very own Nira, Alpha21 and

Happy Cake Day To December 23rd Names

Happy Cake Day to Thushara Kulatunga (vocalist.Sakwala Chakraya) & Shehan Rodrigo (drummer.ex R.A.G.E)..have the best year ever from us here at team   photo credits: Yohan Siriwardena.(thushara) support an independent