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News : Eve Alai Hits Number 1 Again On The YES Home Grown Top 15!

That one man Lankan project based in Singapore made his way back to number 1 last Thursday. His solo studio debut ‘We Made It Out’ sure is a hot favorite

News : The Jahutapola Adelaide Concert Is Postponed

In a statement on his FB Page, rapper Chinty announced that the much anticipated ‘Jahutapola’ concert which was supposed to take place in Adelaide is postponed to November and here’s

New Music : NIPUN KALHARA – Dawasaka Eka Hawasaka (දවසක එක හවසක) ft. Abhishek geethadeva

Nipun Kalhara is a fairly new name from the music scene of Sri Lanka and his newest is a must check out! ‘Dawasak Eka Hawasaka’ is his debut single /