7 Days Till The First Motorhead Tribute Night In Colombo

7 Days Till The First Motorhead Tribute Night In Colombo

2016 starts off not with one but two great metal gigs but let’s get to the first one which is a never to be repeated kind – a proper tribute to the gods of metal – Motorhead!

But a tribute night is not all that there is to this gig, in fact you’d be seeing quite a few different things – from guest bands to the super groups for only one night! Don’t believe us?

Read on..

*PHILTHY BASTARDS (Members from Fallen Grace, Mass Damnation, Dhishti)

*BEGGAR’S AXE (Black Metal Punk vomit from the garbage collectors association of Kandy. From disabled beggars to other disabled beggars.)

*DISPOSER (Members from Manifestator, Serpents Athirst, Genocide Shrines, Paranoid Earthling)

*KARMIC SULPHUR (…and they are BACK! Classic line up with Thushara Kulathunga on vocals and Shan Abbas behind the drum kit)

*DISPUTE (Perverted D-beat Thrash n Roll from members of Manifestator, Pariah Demise)

+ Guests

*PARANOID EARTHLING (Anarcho-Rock ‘n Violence by the infamous!)

*PANZERKOMMAND (No filters filthy Thrash Metal brought to you by members of Serpents Athirst, Manifestator and Pariah Demise)

*MENINGITIS (Death Metal brutalism ventures back to the roots of uncompromising 80’s Metal!)

*WAGONPARK (A one-off performance of uncensored Rock ‘n roll by Buddhi, Milo and Fira)


Excited about this? Get familiar with the event

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