The Albums & Eps So Far Of 2020 – Part 2

The Albums & Eps So Far Of 2020 – Part 2

2020 has been one incredibly tough year, with blows to the gig economy, to the temporary shutting down of studios and other things that only for a minute kept music makers from doing what they do best…it’s turned out to be a great year in music here in the island.

Testament is right here in the albums and Ep’s, you’re about to discover! Btw, there will be a part 3.

Jerome Silva – Transform (album)

There aren’t too many Christian or gospel albums coming out of Lanka, but when there is one, you’re bound to find some solid gold. Perfect for praise and worship moments is this all new album by Jerome Silva!

Jay Princce – Unintended Consequences (album)

Sri Lanka got it’s intro to this force when that rap giant Costa dropped their super collaba turned hit ‘Aaah’, since then there’s been no stopping this rapper from taking over! His single ‘Where I’m From’ reached mad insta success locally, radio embraced his sound and come album release time, ‘Unintended Consequences’ hit number 1 on the local iTunes album chart (Rap & hip hop category) and even was on the top 10 of the all genre chart, which is saying something – This guy right here, is here to stay!

Iraj – With U (album)

This album has been in the making for quite a few years now and with this 18 track effort, superstar producer Iraj once again proves that he’s is still one of the island’s biggest names in music. This is officially the only album with the most amount of international collaborations – ranging from Sean Kingston, to Chinggy, Neha Kakkar, Layzie Bone from Bone Thugs n Harmony, Londynn B and more. The album had incredible success with it shooting to number 1 on the Hip Hop & Rap itunes chart and even being on the top 3 of the all genre chart on the day of its release!

‘With U’ is an incredible rnb, hip hop and rap album at its best and possibly one of the best so far this year.

The Terra Tomorrow – Mutual Disorder (Ep)

The Terra Tomorrow aka Ashane Silva is a one man project from this side of paradise and while this EP came out last year, the world only got a taste of it in 2020 proper. This release an incredible work of sonic art – probably his best to date complete with raging guitars and a sound that’s unique to him.

Madaid – So Hard To Pretend (Ep)

Producer Madaid is a 20 something from Colombo and has seen success on the YES Home Grown Top 15 with his collaba ‘You’ that features Dewakie, Jo & Kishawn. His 4 track Ep ‘ So Hard To Pretend’ comes complete with 3 more must check out singles featuring new comers Cozzy & Jo.

Flowers On Both Ears – UMA (Ep)

Flowers On Both Ears comprises of poet & vocalist Shafni Awam and Producer / Bassist Isaac J Smith and their debut Ep ‘Uma’ is nothing short of the good sonic stuff you don’t get to indulge in everyday. According to sources ‘They draw inspiration from a worldview based on their Islamic faith. The world of nature, understood as articulations of the cosmic Quran, in the breath of the All- Merciful

Wild Skatey – LIFE (Ep)

Rapper Wild Skatey is no stranger to the Sinhala rap scene of Sri Lanka and it was no surprise that this Ep shot straight to number 1 during it’s first week. ‘Life’ contains the hit singles ‘Ex Ta Liyumak’ & ‘Life’.

Traprobane – The Kingdom Of Thambapanni, Ten Headed King and The Gamiya (albums)

Traprobane is a collective of producers who just dropped the best thing in latter 2020 for the entire island! Albums that are nothing short of smart sampling of classic Lankan cinema or signatures from old songs with hip hop beats. The productions are just seamless on all 3 albums and as you guess from the names, they all are theme based. The latter two albums have even been spotted on the hip hop & rap iTunes album chart.

The Kingdom Of Thambapanni

Ten Headed King

The Gamiya

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