New Music : Ragude – ADK x ShafraZ | Official Music Video

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Lakshane & Kid Travis Stay At Number 1 On The YES Home Grown Top 15!

Its week 3 on top the YES Home Grtown Top 15 for that collaba by Lakshane & Kid Travis. Not familiar with the single? Check it out Here’s the countdown

New Series : Hathey Hatha (හතේ හත) – Mandaaram Kathawe (මන්දාරම් කතාවේ) – Anushka Udana – Episode3

Released on the 1st of June is the 3rd episode of ‘Hathey Hatha’ that features one half of Wasthi – Anushka Udana, like never heard before. Laid back and packed

Dimuth K Has New Music!

His Clubsonica debut has been deemed as ‘A faultless and utterly gorgeous rendition’ of Moveme’s ‘Yes I Do’, have a listen to it already will ya! Also, its up for