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New Music : Paranoid Earthling – Halfcast (Live)

Here’s a moment from the first concert from the Illusion Empire Tour – Colombo Leg. The live version of the tired single off Paranoid Earthlings debut album ‘Halfcast’.

News : Drillamentary 04 | Kataka (කටක) Album by Manasick

‘Kataka’ the all new album by Manasick get’s its release on the 8th of March, before that, here’s all you need to know about that monster release.

New Music : Ashavi – Chaboda Sanjaya X Smokio Official Music Video

Catchy, fun and a future dance floor hit, here’s Chabodya Sanjaya with his newest that features rapper Smokio.

New Music : Eric Heinrichs x Rathya – Jenga

Here’s a single that’s currently getting mad love like cold drinks on a hot day. Eric Heinrics & Rathya is on a collaba no one saw coming and ‘Jenga’, is

Aaron Gun’s Single Stays Number 1 For A Second Week!

Yesterday marked singer / songwriter Aaron Gun’s second week on top of Sri Lanka’s only music countdown. This is his second radio single, first one being ‘Plain Cruel’ which was

Perera Elsewhere – Slow Down

Perera Elsewhere is back with this incredible new release for Adult Swim. Check out the single already!

Pana Senehasa – Iraj ft Dushyanth | Acapella cover by KaluMalli, Saranga & Lanindu

We havent heard too much of takes coming out of Kalumalli’s camp but here he is with this neat take of an Iraj classic and this features beatboxer, Saranga.

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Decibel Exclusive : Birthroot

Birthroot is poised to be another epic event by Heaven’s Gate, who were responsbile for quite a few great dates in the island not too long ago.  We caught up

Counting Down Till Rock N Roll : You’ve Got Time

The first edition of Rock N Roll for the year is only 5 days away and we hope that you’re gearing up for one of those awesome nights of originals

PRUVE Has A Short Movie Screening Soon!

And you can check out ‘No Mans’s Land’, the first comic book turned into a movie, and also all their past offerings (2008, Relative & Theyrena Kal) at the one