Tag "27th July"

New Music : Ammage Leli (අම්මගේ ලේලී) – Ravi Royster X DIMI3 | Official Music Video

100% a dance floor anthem and a vibe in its own right comes this all new collaba by Ravi Royster & DIMI3! ‘Ammage Leli’ is a fun uptempo pop offering

New Music : Arjun – Twilight (feat. Amar Sandhu) | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Laid back and full of amazing moments comes this all new collaba by Arjun who features North American based Punjab singer Amar Sandhu. Light, playful and very tropical, this one

New Music : Shaun Perera – Toy

Here’s a side to singer, songwriter and frontman of MagicBox Mixup – Shaun Perera that we never have heard! Romantic, playful and a mood in its own right, the single

New Music : Teklix – Mantric Fusion (Original Mix) [Outta Limits]

Released thru Outta Limits Recordings comes this all new massive progressive house single by Dj & Producer Teklix. Massive falls short to describe the artistry on ‘Mantric Fusion’, see how

New Music : සුලඟ වගේ | Sulanga Wage | Reggae Cover | Roshan Fernando | Sinhala Cover Songs 2023

Mangus are back with this all new reggae infused take of Roshan Fernando’s hit single ‘Sulanga Wage”. Light and fun, they sure do bring in a breath of fresh air.

New Music : Adiye | அடியே | @stefanpackianathan ft Krishan J

After a hot minute Stefan Packianathan is back with this all new collaboration that features Krishan J (lyricist). Laid back and packed with some amazing feels, this one is made

New Music : Gindara Kellek (ගින්දර කෙල්ලේක්) Brenda Mendis l Official Lyric Audio

Released on the 22nd of the month comes this all new single by Brenda Mendis. Motivational, simple and simply put, ‘Gindara Kellek’ is a breath of fresh air.

News : Ryan De Mel Gets Signed!

It’s official! Ryan De Mel has been gotten his first label deal with UK based label Instrumental. July has been a good month for Ryan as he also hit a

News : Chamel Shav Collaborates With Shweta Subram

Chamel Shav is back and this time around he will be collaborating with Bollywood superstar Shweta Subram. While no date has been announced for the release, we recommended staying subscribed

New Music : Moody Moon – Loop Session

Kavin Harshana (Silence Of Loud) is back with this laid back single called ‘Moody Moon’.