Kolamba Talkies: 2

Kolamba Talkies: 2

this is gonna be a slightly long read but get to know them for the work they do and we are glad that there are quite a few names from the home music scene that are involved in the movie field too!


‘Kolamba Talkies’ (KT) came about as a concept that brings talented indie filmmakers together through a chain of screenings. It’s common to have the works of many new generation filmmakers go unnoticed on the web without making it to a screen or without any constructive dialogue being formed on it. The spaces that accommodate their work are film festivals and competitions held annually and the amounts of productions that come about on a daily basis are far too many in number to be accommodated at such events. KT is a monthly casual gathering that provides space to all those who wants to share their work and thoughts on productions and even to seek assistance for their ongoing work. KT is committed to keep away from formal structures of the industry and will hold its screenings at homes, garages, or similar informal gathering spaces where there’s no bureaucracy or thematic limitations.

 The first screening was initiated on 25th of January 2014 by Chinthana Dharmadasa at his home where the seating capacity was 40. We were overwhelmed and thrilled to receive a turn up of 60 people and to have them throughout the screening sharing their thoughts on the screened works. This justified the need of a platform similar KT of many indie filmmakers and other groups that holds similar interests.  With a successful kick start in Jan, Ilham Hossen volunteered to organize the second screening which is scheduled to be held on the 8th March. The second screening has a killer list lined up with many unseen works of reputed and promising young filmmakers. KT operates via a Facebook page that has close to 750 likes in less than 3 months without any promotions.  The concept and the structure seem to be working really well so far and we look forward to strengthening the community of indie filmmakers and supporters through this initiative. 

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