ODR Vol.05 Happens Soon In Colombo, Sri Lanka!

ODR Vol.05 Happens Soon In Colombo, Sri Lanka!

There was never an international scene without a local one – anon

Looking at that quote and what it means in today’s context is pretty profound. Weeks later after the devastation of Easter Sunday, we’re left wondering where to pick up (Sri Lanka’s music scene). While a handful of commercial artists & cover bands have slowly started getting gigs to bring in crowds, what’s to be said about the original music scene?

June is when it’s making its comeback and in the strongest way too! With a gig series that the underground metal scene has been a part of for more years than we can count..ODR aka Occult Death Ritual by Raavan Kommand is here to make that bold statement!

Ideahell is the location and is supported by Candle of Hela Metal, 999 Security & Solution and Decibel.lk. Tickets 1500 only.

Note that the gig starts sharp at 1pm local time, get late and you will miss out on some mighty good performances.

It’s time to congregate and make a statement that willresound in the times to come that the music scene, is a lot more stronger withits legion of die hards and a loyalty that will not waver in the face ofanything. Let it be said, Sri Lanka has one of the strongest metal scenes inthe world!

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