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New Music : Mihindu Ariyaratne – Premaya Nisamai | ප්‍රේමය නිසාමයි (Official Lyric Video)

Released a few days ago comes this all new single by Sinhala rock / alternative artist Mihindu Ariyaratne. Down tempo and packed with serious feels, ‘Premaya Nisamai’ is a gem

New Music : Mihindu Ariyaratne – Premaya Nisamai | ප්‍රේමය නිසාමයි (Official Music Video)

Released yesterday comes this all new offering by Mihindu Ariyaratne. ‘Premaya Nisamai’ is one of those emotionally charged singles / music videos that really does tug at your heart strings,

New Music : Mihindu Ariyaratne – Ridena Hadawatha | රිදෙනා හදවත (Official Music Video)

Trending at number 12 on Youtube’s trending list at the time of this post, is this all new & much awaited single / music video by Mihindu Ariyaratne. Titled ‘Ridena

New Music Incoming : Mihindu Ariyaratne – රිදෙනා හදවත | Ridena Hadawatha (Official Trailer)

Released during the weekend comes this all new trailer for rocker Mihindu Ariyarathne’s newest titled ‘Ridena Hadawatha’. pre save the single here

New Music : Sorun Nowenda – Mihindu & Umara

Released a few days ago comes this all new single by Mihindu Ariyarathne & Umara. ‘Sorun Nowenda’ touches upon the hardships of a 2022 Sri Lanka and is a single

New Music : අරගලයෙන් පෙම් හසුනක් | Aragalayen Pem Hasunak | “නැවත අරගලයට පණ පොවන්න එකතුවෙන්න”

Released on the 28th of June comes this all new track released thru the Gota Go Gama Youtube channel. Sung by Mihindu Ariyarathne, ‘Aragalayen Pem Hasunak’ is a must check

New Music : Mihindu Ariyaratne – කන්‍යාවි |கன்யாவீ |Kanyavii | Music Video ft Yohan Ranasinghe & Kasun Pussewela

Released on the 6th of May comes this super collaba for the times we live in. It’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything Sinhala Rock, and this is some

New Music : Igilenna Ida Denna (ඉගිලෙන්න ඉඩ දෙන්න) – VACA Official Theme Song Ft Mihindu Ariyaratne

Released on the 20th of May comes this all new single titled ‘Igilenna Ida Denna’ (Let them Fly). It is the official theme song of the Voice Against Child Abuse

New Music : Asha Nil Dasin (අශා නිල් දෑසින්) – Mihindu Ariyaratne & Raj Thillaiyampalam | Official Lyric Video

After a few very successful collabas, vocalist Mihindu Ariyarathne & Raj Thillaiyampalam are back with this all new single titled ‘Asha Nil Dasin’. This single’s mix is by Mark Needham

New Music : Mihindu Ariyaratne – දුර යන්න | Dura Yanna (Official Music Video)

The first single by singer Mihindu Ariyaratne is here! ‘Dura Yanna’ dropped yesterday on the Lankan internet and comes packed with a great country sound to it and we’re lovin